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Virginia's Leading Private Venue Hall and Catering Company


Virginia's Leading Private Venue Hall and Catering Company

Gala Cuisine handles it all…from small and intimate, to grand and elaborate, from timeless and traditional, to modern and cutting edge. We offer the full spectrum of wedding planning services… starting with defining your style and selecting the perfect wedding venue, and planning all of the essential details from your flowers to your grand exit. We personally oversee every element, right down to proper seating arrangements and a flawless timeline. We offer a variety of planning packages, and are happy to customize our services to meet your needs. At Gala Cuisine Events, we never lose sight of the fact that this is one of the most special days in your life.


Gala Cuisine is the perfect Event Management and food catering firm that can handle your events without a doubt. We are the game masters when it comes to provisions of preparing meals and adding glamor to your special days. As a versatile brand, we offer several services such as menu selection and tasting, transportation, floor plan design, tableware design, and others. Hiring us will ensure you get the best meals that offer you the premium nutritional value which is required by your body system.

Our services include;


Initial consultation

This stage is the first step where we meet with our esteemed customers and discuss their ideas about how they want the special day to be like. In this scene, we share and exchange thoughts which will make us gain insights into your concept for your event. With this, we obtain credible information on your desires and also add flavour and flair to make the event memorable.

Menu selection & Tasting

Having a reputable brand like Gala Cuisine handle your menu on your special day is an added advantage for you. With our support, we can advise you on the kind of meals that are suitable for your guests according to their preferences and your budgets. Since you have a cordial relationship with most of your guests, there is a likelihood that you understand their penchants but selecting us as a partner for your meal preparation will ensure you take the appropriate decisions.

Floor plan design

Gala Cuisine can also help you with the appropriate floor plan designs that meet your expectations. Floor plan design is very important as it stipulates how your invitees are arranged in their seats for your event. We have various floor plan designs and will work closely with you to choose the right and perfect floor plan design for your event. With our touch, your event will have a great and awesome outlook.

Tableware selection

Gala Cuisine has one of the most attractive tableware designs that are known to beautify your event hall on your special day. We ensure your event venue is provided with the best and sophisticated tableware designs that are hard to find elsewhere.

Additional Services

Photographer & Videographer

We have a thorough understanding of recording and keeping records of memorable and extraordinary moments of our lives. Gala Cuisine will offer professional services in the area of photography and videography for your events. All you need to do is to ask for a quote, and we will gladly provide it for you. You can always count on us for quality photography and videography services.

Floral design & Venue decor

The aspect of the decoration of the venue of your celebration should not be treated with kid gloves. It is a known fact that the floral design and beautiful decoration of a hall make your invitees feel comfortable and relaxed. Gala Cuisine has a team of experts whose aim is to create a peaceful mood with their decoration styles which will also take the breath of your guests away and make them talk about your special day for a long time to come. Our floral design for each event is top notch and bound to capture the attention of your guests. Try us today, and you will be amazed at the superior services that await you.

Entertainment & Lighting

Gala Cuisine offers the best entertainment to our revered clients and also ensures their event halls get adequate lighting. Both of these needs are equally important as they have significant roles to play in ensuring your event have a great and alluring outlook. It is widely believed that entertainment is like food to the soul, we have the professional capacity to make you enjoy great amusement when you allow us to take control of the lighting and entertainment systems at your private functions.


The importance of transportation on special occasions can never be over-emphasised. Gala Cuisine can help you with transportation needs with a token as state-of-the-art automobiles are meant to add glamour to your unique day. When you contact us, we will make the necessary arrangement for you to have the finest of automobiles according to your preferences and budget.

Event Management - Vendors, Time Lines, Contracts, Budget

Gala Cuisine is the brand you can always depend on for your events. Having a hitch-free event is very possible when you engage the services of a competent brand that is proficient in the area of event management. Leaving your event management details in care of professional company like Gala Cuisine is definitely the best decision you will ever make as they will ensure your guests are treated like royalty.

Wedding day services

Our In-House Wedding Planner will take you step by step through your whole planning process so no details are missed. From managing your vendors to executing your special day our wedding planner and interpret your wedding day dreams by collaborating with clients to customize a wedding that defines your love and traditions.